Deleting a workflow template

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This document describes how to delete a workflow in the InfoEx system.


A workflow template links together user-specified tasks into a logical order so that users can repeatedly move through the same steps. Workflows are custom designed for each operation. Each operation must also manage their own workflows. This document provides information on how to delete a workflow that has been previously created.

Step-by-step description

Fig. 1: Select Manage Workflow Definitions
Under the WORKFLOWS menu select 'Manage Workflow Definitions'
2. Find the workflow that you want to delete in the list of workflows in the left panel of the screen under the 'Workflows' section title.
Fig.2 : Deleting a workflow
Click on the ButtonTrash.png button on the right side of the label of the workflow you would like to delete and confirm your decision to permanently delete the workflow by clicking Yes in the 'Confirm Delete' dialog box.
NOTE Deleting a workflow template only deletes the template itself. Any observations and assessments that had been entered through this workflow template will be preserved in the InfoEx system.

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