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Supported Mobile Browsers - Use Chrome for Android / Safari for iOS/iPadOS and then add InfoEx App to the Home Screen on your mobile device -


Sign in with your usual email address and password.

Observations entered via mobile app will appear in your normal Chrome laptop/desktop InfoEx Observations at the "Review and Submit" stage or in Workflows. Or for Submission Moderators and Operation Administrators can optionally be submitted directly.

App should work offline.

Report bugs and other feedback to InfoEx Manager, Stuart Smith via phone or email.

Planned Additional Functionality to be added as part of the MAInEx project:

  • HST Cleared Date and Time autofill
  • Add observation template favourite field functionality
  • Add control team member entry to avalanche observations
  • Add avalanche control extension quick entry
  • Add voice controlled observation entry
  • Add a basic data viewing option
  • Add workflow functionality
  • Add "review and submit" functionality to mobile app
  • plus lots more

Known Problems: