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Supported Mobile Browsers - Use Chrome for Android / Safari for iOS/iPadOS and then add InfoEx App to the Home Screen on your mobile device -


Sign in with your usual email address and password.

Observations entered via mobile app will appear in your normal Chrome laptop/desktop InfoEx Observations at the "Review and Submit" stage or in Workflows.

App should work offline.

Known Problems:

  • Some Android keyboards don't have a minus sign - workaround is install a different keyboard e.g. gboard -
  • Text boxes have restricted usability
  • No attachment functionality
  • Asp/Elev rose not implemented

Report bugs and other feedback to InfoEx Manager, Stuart Smith via phone or email.

Planned Additional Functionality to be added after Phase 1 is rolled out and stable:

  • Submit from mobile directly (no Review and Submit stage required on laptop/desktop computer)
  • Add observation template favourite field functionality
  • Add control team member entry to avalanche observations
  • Add avalanche control extension quick entry
  • Add aspect/elevation rose
  • Add attachments for photos taken on mobile device
  • Add a basic data viewing option
  • Add "review and submit" functionality to mobile app