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Permission Observation Administrator or higher
Connectivity Online only

InfoEx offers flexibility by allowing each operation a choice over how attachments are opened. This document describes how an Operation administrator can specify the preference for the operation.

Attachments open in a new tab (window). Your choice is whether attachments are opened in a single additional tab and each subsequent attachment overwrites the current attachment. Or each attachment can open in a new tab. Attachments are most commonly photos that might be selected from reports, including history reports whilst using the run list or avalanche control workflow steps.

Step-by-step description

Fig. 1: Administration menu for operation administrator.
Select 'Operation Settings' from the administration menu (cog wheel) (Fig. 1) and then the General tab in the Operation Settings page.
Fig. 2: Operation settings screen.
The Operation settings page for the operation (Fig. 2).
3. Click on On to open each attachment in a new window or click on Off to open attachments in a single window. The button will turn white when selected. A confirmation message that the setting has been updated will be displayed.

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