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(Mandatory fields)
(Mandatory fields)
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|Date of observation
|Date of observation
|class="Name"|Asp/Elev Travelled
|Aspect/Elevation Rose: right click for a menu of quick-fill options or click on all aspects and elevation bands travelled.

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Permission All users
Connectivity Online and offline

Terrain management helps communicate how subscribers are managing avalanche problems through terrain management.

Fig. 1: Default format of terrain observation entry form

Mandatory fields

Mandatory fields are highlighted with a red outline and label. Incorrectly completed mandatory fields will result in a validation error on submission.

Name Mandatory Comment
Locations Always Location of observation; needs to be single or combinations of locations down to ski run and avalanche path level.
Date Always Date of observation

All supported fields

[1] Click to read a guidance document.

Special functionalities


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Functionality tested by

  • Jan. 2, 2014: Pascal Haegeli