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|class="StepNum" | 1.
|class="StepNum" | 1.
|Click on the EXTENSIONS menu and picK Photo Overlay Viewer.  
|Click on the EXTENSIONS menu and select Photo Overlay Viewer.  
|rowspan=2|[[File:Photo_Overlay_Viewer.PNG|300px|thumb|right|Fig. 1: Photo Overlay Viewer.]]
|rowspan=2|[[File:Photo_Overlay_Viewer.PNG|300px|thumb|right|Fig. 1: Photo Overlay Viewer.]]

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This document describes how to view photo overlays submitted with avalanche observations, avalanche control observations or snowpack observations.

Step-by-step description

1. Click on the EXTENSIONS menu and select Photo Overlay Viewer.
Fig. 1: Photo Overlay Viewer.
2. Select the Date Range, Location and Photo to display all overlays for your selection (Fig 1).
3. Click on the date under Overlay History to view your desired overlay or use CTRL or SHFT to select multiple overlays to be displayed on top of each other. Holding CTRL and clicking to select overlays allows you to select any combination of overlays. Use SHFT to select a full range by clicking on the first overlay of interest and then the last to highlight the full range.

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