Troubleshooting overview

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Permission All levels
Connectivity Online and offline

When you are running into any troubles with the InfoEx application, we recommend the following steps for solving the issue:

1. Check the documentation

Please first check the documentation to ensure you are completing the steps for the functionality in the right fashion. The documentation also lists all of the known functionality issues and describes workarounds if available.
Help videos are also available. [1] Click to watch.

2. Completely close Google Chrome.

Make sure you save your work to the local computer (observations: click in the save button; workflows: click on Save & Exit) before quitting Google Chrome. Ensure that all of the Google Chrome windows are closed to terminate any processes associated with the browser. Then restart the browser and log into the InfoEx application again.

3. Reboot your computer.

A persistent issue might be fixed by simply rebooting your computer.

4. Submit a ticket to InfoEx support

If the issue still persists, you have likely discovered a bug in the application that needs to be fixed. Email a support request to to submit a ticket to InfoEx support. Please be as detailed as possible in the description of your issue. This will allow our support staff to recreate the issue and track down the cause.

5. Call CAA support staff

If you need immediate assistance, please call InfoEx support directly. Click here for their contact information.