Emptying the data cache of your application

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Permission All user levels
Connectivity Online only

This document describes how to reset your InfoEx application if it is not performing in its regular manner any more. Examples of unusual behaviours include:

  • blank screen when you start a workflow

If you are experiencing these types of problems, please let us know so that we can track down the issue and make our application better.

Step-by-step description

1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
2. Go to https://infoex.avalancheassociation.ca/clearcache.html and wait for the message that the local cache has been wiped.
NOTE Clearing your local cache will erase any observations that have not been submitted yet and all of the customization information for your observation forms. It will not affect workflow definitions and InfoEx report templates as this information is stored on the server.
3. Go to https://infoex.avalancheassociation.ca/ to start the InfoEx application again.
NOTE After you have cleared your data cache, you need to be online to log in again since your locally stored login information has been erased in the process.

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