Installing the InfoEx application (Training environment)

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This document describes how to install InfoEx onto your computer for the training session.


InfoEx is a web application that runs in a browser. When you load the application for the first time from the URL, it is downloaded and stored in the application cache of your browser. Having it stored locally will allow you to use certain features of the application (e.g., observation entry) even when you do not have an Internet connection.

See System requirements for use of InfoEx application for details on supported configurations for the InfoEx application.

Step-by-step description

1. Install Google Chrome Browser on your computer if you do not have it already
3. Visit to access the latest version of the InfoEx application.
NOTE When you visit this URL for the first time, the entire InfoEx application will be downloaded to your computer. Please ensure that you have a decent Internet connection as this download is approximately 6 MB.
4. When you visit the InfoEx site for the first time, Google Chrome will ask you " wants to permanently store large data on your local computer". Click OK to continue.
5. Book mark for future reference. This is the starting point for all of your InfoEx interactions. You will be able to start the application even without an Internet connection.
NOTE If you bookmark the InfoEx application with your username/email address (e.g.,, your username will will automatically be prefilled and you do not have to type it every time.

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Functionality tested by

  • Nov. 15: Pascal Haegeli / QA Server / Training 3.0.0