Sensitivity to triggers definition table

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Determine the Sensitivity to Triggers based on what kind of triggering will initiate avalanches of any size within the defined location.

Sensitivty Natural Triggers Human Triggers Explosive Triggers Cornice Triggers
Size Result
Unreactive No avalanches No avalanches Very large explosives No slab No slab from very large cornice fall
Stubborn Few Difficult to trigger Large explosives & air blasts Some Large
Reactive Several Easy to trigger with ski cuts Single hand charge Many Medium
Touchy Numerous Triggering almost certain Any size Numerous Any size
Description of observation Natural avalanche occurrence Ease of triggering by a single human Size of explosive and effect Size of cornice that will trigger a slab

Source: Statham, G., Haegeli, P., Birkeland, K. W., Greene, E., Israelson, C., Tremper, B., et al. (2010). A conceptual model of avalanche hazard. Paper presented at the International Snow Science Workshop, Lake Tahoe, CA.

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