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Permission All user levels
Connectivity Online only

This document describes how to sign up for a personal InfoEx account.


Everybody who would like to access InfoEx and contribute to the exchange is required to have a personal InfoEx account. Avalanche safety operations subscribing to InfoEx can then give individuals access to their InfoEx subscription by linking the individuals' accounts to their operation. See Adding users to your operation for more information on this topic.

The reasons for having individual user accounts include enhancing data security and enabling all users to receive reports by email and to make their own customizations.

Step-by-step description

1. Visit
2. Click on the "Register account" link and complete all of the fields. Your email address will be your username for signing into the InfoEx system. NOTE: this is case sensitive.
NOTE The system also uses this email address for the delivery of the email InfoEx reports. Therefore make sure that you choose an email address that you use regularly.
3. Click on Register to complete the sign up process. You now have an account in the InfoEx system. Before you can access the InfoEx, your employer needs to link your account to his operation and give you the necessary access privileges.

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