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You need to bring your own computer to the training. For this training session you either need a PC or a Mac with the latest version of Google Chrome and Google Earth plugin for browsers installed. See System requirements for use of InfoEx application and Installing the InfoEx application for more details.

NOTE Please note that the InfoEx is now under a different Internet address. The new URL is: https://infoex.avalancheassociation.ca.

Getting ready for the training session

To get the most out of these training sessions, we would like to ask you to complete the following tasks before coming to the sessions:

  • Log into the InfoEx and re-familiarize yourself with the application.
  • Think about where you have experienced the biggest challenges with the InfoEx during the last season with respect to the following areas:
    • Reading InfoEx reports
    • Entering observations
    • Workflows
    • Submitting information
  • Bring your run photos to experiment with the new run list module.
  • Bring your control route overview photos (many operations have these types of photos at the top of their occurrence sheets/shot sheets) to experiment with the new avalanche control module.