The Most Amazing Wonders of India

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Asian continent itself is a pool of unanticipated and uncommon attributes and if you are planning to go to the Southern Asian region, you will find India as one of the most naturally and culturally rich getaway options that is sported with a wonderful range of fabulous and unusual phenomenon covering the entire plateau of this gigantic, geographically diverse and populous country. Many travelers from around the world have found the country of India as a great way of witnessing the past, present and future of the mankind and have explored many amazing wonders that can't be described in words. With our recent voyagers in various parts of the India and by considering fellow bloggers, we have come across many beautiful and the most amazing wonders of India that will surely make you book flights to India in an instant and experience the charm and diversity in person:

The Magnetic Hill, Ladakh
The biggest Myanmar Adventure Tours for road trip lovers in India, a biking trip to the otherworldly lands of Ladakh Valley is sported with an abundant number of uncommon phenomenon, yet the biggest of all time on the entire journey have been the Magnetic Hill which is also known as the Gravity Hill. A place that have been giving an optical illusion that can make you feel that the magnetic fields around here are gravity-defying and leaving vehicles roll up on the slant roads. However, the natural position of the attributes around the road make an optical illusion that can surely make you feel that the vehicle is steering upwards, whereas it is actually going downwards. Just leave your four-wheeler in neutral without parking gear and you can witness the amazing sight which will make you believe that the magnetic powers are surreal here.

Balancing Rock, Tamil Nadu
Balancing a small stone or even a ball over a plain surface is enough hard, but what if you find a place where a giant rock is steadily and firmly standing on a slant, slippery surface without an inch of moment? Yes! Such things can only be found on the heavenly lands of India. The balancing rock in Tamil Nadu have recently got its fair share of fame after a massive exposure, this big boulder of Mahabalipuram is something that can be an eye-popping experience for you. with its engaging sight that have been the biggest attraction for many selfie lovers, this rock is standing firmly on a slippery slope making people wonder the theory behind it. Needless to say, many people have tried their sheer physical strength to tumble down this giant boulder.

Belum Caves, Andhra Pradesh
One of the largest cave systems in the India, Belum Caves of Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh have been a big attraction for underground world lovers. The cave system that was constructed by the Mother Nature itself after centuries of natural water flowing through at a destructive pace have been the reason behind this roomy and giant cave formation. You can easily find some exquisite views of nature's artistry and even witness some of the most gorgeous sights of airways, waterways, small ponds and much more which are itself a delight to witness in person and experiencing what power the Mother Nature have in its arms.

Lonar Crater Lake, Maharashtra
Have you ever wondered what would have happened when the giant rocks from the skies dropped on the surface of the earth? Apart from the theory that was given by many scientists about the extinction of the dinosaurs, there are many more traces that can give you the real picture of the destruction made by the meteors and one of them can be seen in Maharashtra, India. Lonar Crater Lake is the oldest meteoric crater-lake on the surface of the earth which holds the title of being the third-largest crater lakes in the size. Existing for over 50,000 years now, this lake is something that can woo you easily by its sheer beauty and give you the idea of the forces floating the orbit above us.

Living Root Bridges, Cherrapunji
India is known for many things and one of them is one of the wettest places on the earth which is named as Cherrapunji. A small town in the eastern state of India Meghalaya, this small city has many exquisite attributes that can give you the most bewitching experience of your life. The most amazing attractions of all time in this region is the living-root bridge which is the most spectacular and unbelievable sight you can ever come across. The wonderful bridge that is made of the roots of Ficus Elastica Tree, this twin bridge is a netting of tree roots that are extended up to 3000 feet in total and giving locals a safe passage to cross the local waterbody. The natural artistry and sheer power seen here appears to be unreal and offer people a delightful sight to witness and remember for the rest myanmar hiking tours of their lives.

India is filled with many more bewitching phenomenon that will surely give you the goosebumps with similar category yet absolutely different attributes. A visit to India is not just about tasting the delicious gourmet or getting to know about the culture and heritage of this huge country, it is also about witnessing the blessed nation that have been getting many boons from the nature and shining like a star among fellow countries. So, if you are intrigued by the charming attributes of this superlative country, then all you need is to pick your travel dates and book your flights to India�with your trusted travel agent and you can have an astonishing getaway that is featured with an abundant variety of exclusive features.