Viewing previously completed workflows

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This document describes how to view previously completed workflows.


A workflow links together user-specified tasks into a logical order so that users can repeatedly move through the same steps. Previously completed workflows are stored on the InfoEx server and may be retrieved for viewing when you are online.

Step By Step Directions

Fig. 1: Select 'View Historical' for the workflow you want to review.
Under the main menu item WORKFLOWS, select the workflow template you want to review and click on 'View Historical' (Fig. 1). A summary of the most recently submitted instance for the chosen workflow will automatically be loaded (Fig. 2).
Fig. 2: Scroll available workflows.
Scroll backwards and forwards through the available instances of the chosen workflow by selecting Previous and Next (Fig. 2).
NOTE If the Previous or the Next buttons are greyed out/disabled, there are no further records available in that direction.
Fig. 3: Select workflow date from list.
To retrieve a workflow instance submitted on a specific date click the date field to get the compelete list of available workflow instances (Fig. 3).
4. You can generate or email (to the email list designated in the workflow definition) a pdf view of the workflow summary. Any single step can also be generated or emailed as a pdf.

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