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Permission Submission moderator and higher
Connectivity Online and partial offline

This document describes the functionality of the 'summary' workflow module.

Required permissions:

Required connectivity:

  • You need to be online to create a new or edit an existing workflow template.
  • You need to be online to initiate a workflow instance for the fields to be properly prefilled with the default values. Once the workflow instance has been loaded, you can complete the workflow on an offline mode.
  • You can initiate a workflow instance when you are offline, but none of the fields will be prefilled and you will start with a completely blank copy.
  • You can be offline to view the workflow summary, but you need to be online to submit your observations and assessments at the end of your workflow.


Fig. 1: Summary workflow module at the end of a workflow with data submission.

A summary workflow step is automatically added at the end of any workflow that includes a step that submits observations to the InfoEx server (Observations module, Snowpack module, Hazard assessment module, Free form module, Avalanche control module, Run list module or Hazard comment module). This allows users to review all of their observations and assessments in one location prior to submitting them.

The summary workflow step is the only step in a workflow where the Submit button is enabled.


The data of each data submitting workflow step is presented in the order of the steps in the workflow (Fig. 1).

The observation tables from the Observations module only contain the data fields where information has been entered.


The summary workflow module does not have any settings.

Information shared within the InfoEx

This step only provides an overview of all the information that has been entered during this workflow. Information is shared within the InfoEx as specified for the individual workflow modules.

Other workflow modules

Functionality tested by

  • Dec. 28, 2013: Pascal Haegeli