Changing the permission level of an existing user of your operation

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Permission Operation Administrator or higher
Connectivity Online only

This document described how operation administrators can change the permission level of users associated with their operation.

Changing the password of a personal InfoEx account has to be done by the individual users themselves. See Resetting or changing the password for your personal InfoEx account for more details.


The InfoEx system has four types of users with increasing permission levels:

  • User: Can enter observations and view InfoEx reports
  • Submission moderator: Can submit observations to the InfoEx and execute workflows
  • Operation administrator: Can modify location catalog, define operation level InfoEx report templates and workflows, add and remove users from operation
  • Super user (CAA only): Can administer the InfoEx and create new operations

Only Operation Administrators or Super Users can add, edit or delete users from a subscriber operation. See Description of user levels for a detailed description of the functionality accessible to the different user levels. Only Super Users have the credentials to create other Super Users.

To completely block a user from accessing InfoEx through your operation, simply remove them from your user table. See Removing a user from your operation for more details.

Step-by-step description

Fig. 1: Administration menu for operation administrator
Select 'User Management' from the administration menu (cog wheel) (Fig. 1).
Fig. 2: User management screen of InfoEx
This will get you to the user management section of InfoEx (Fig. 2). This section consists of a simple table that lists all of the users associated with your operation. The columns of the table are:
  • email address/username
  • first name
  • last name
  • permission level
3. Select the person you would like to change the permission level of by clicking on their row in the user table. The color of the row will change to blue.
Fig. 3: Popup window for changing the permission level of a user.
Click on the ButtonEdit.png button above the top left corner of the user table. This will open a small popup window (Fig. 3).
5. Select the appropriate permission level for the user and click Update at the bottom of the popup window. This will close the popup window and update the record of the user in the user table.

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