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This document describes the functionality of the Avalanche Obs layer of the Map view of the InfoEx report.

The goal of the Avalanche Obs map layer is to provide users with a spatial overview of all the avalanche observations submitted in the time period of the current report and give quick access to the individual avalanche records.


Fig. 1: Avalanche layers of map view of InfoEx report.
Fig. 2: Avalanche observation pop-up window.

The avalanche layers map layer shows the point locations of all the avalanche observations included in the current report (Fig. 1).

Avalanches are shown at the following locations:

  • Avalanche observations that were only associated with a preexisting location from the location catalog are shown at the centre point of this location.
  • Avalanche observations that have been given a precise map location (click here for more information) are shown exactly at this location.
NOTE Avalanche observations with a precise location are marked with a LocationPin.png next to the location name in the observation pop-up window (see below for more details)

The color and size of the avalanche icons represent typical avalanche size:

  • Yellow: Size 1.0 and 1.5
  • Orange: Size 2.0 and 2.5
  • Red: Size 3.0 and larger

The icons of the avalanche observation have an additional label indicating the trigger type.

The main trigger types are listed under the Avalanche Obs label in the layer hierarchy panel left of the map (Fig. 1):

  • Natural
  • Skier
  • Snowmobile
  • Over-snow vehicle
  • Helicopter
  • Explosives


  • Click on the Avalanche observations checkbox in the layer hierarchy panel to show/hide this layer on the map.
  • Click on a main trigger type in the layer hierarchy panel to directly zoom the map to the area that has avalanche observations of the particular trigger type.
  • Click on the check box next to the main trigger types in the layer hierarchy panel to show/hide the avalanche observations of the particular trigger type.
  • Click on the icon of an individual avalanche observation to view its complete record in a pop-up window (Fig. 2). The pop-up window contains all of the information that was submitted for the observation including links to any associated attachments.

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Functionality tested by

  • Jan. 2, 2014: Pascal Haegeli