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This document describes how to modify the baseline information of an existing new Operation PWL in the InfoEx system.


An Operation PWL is a locally defined persistent weak layer (PWL) in the snowpack. While PWLs in the old InfoEx system were simply referred to by a burial date, the new InfoEx system requires PWLs to be explicitly defined. This allows PWLs to be tracked more easily and offers opportunities for advanced queries.

Operation PWLs are managed within operations. Operation have full control over the characteristics of these PWLs.

Step-by-step description

Fig. 1: Accessing the Operation PWL menu
Click on the PWL menu in the header of the InfoEx application and select 'Operation PWL'(Fig. 1). This will get you to a page that lists of all of the Operation PWLs that have been created by your operation. In addition to the general characteristics of the PWLs, the list also offers an overview of the number of associated observations and assessments.
2. Highlight the Operation PWL you would like to edit by clicking on it in the list. The row of the selected PWL will be highlighted in a pale yellow.
Fig. 2: Modifying the baseline information of an Operation PWL
Click on the ButtonEdit.png button beneath the 'Operation PWL' title to open a popup window where you can edit the baseline information for your Operation PWL (Fig. 2).

The following baseline information is supported for Operation PWLs:

  • Name
    A meaningful name for your new Operation PWL.
  • Date
    The date your new Operation PWL was created or buried.
  • Comment
    A descriptive comment about your new Operation PWL, if desired.
  • Community PWL
    You may link your Operation PWL to a Community PWL (see Community PWLs for more information)
NOTE Linking your Operation PWL to a Community PWL allows you to retain your local definition and description of the PWL while linking with the same PWL observed by other InfoEx operations
  • Colour
    A default colour that will identify any avalanche problems associated with your new Operation PWL in the Hazard assessment module.
4. Click on the Okay to submit the new Operation PWL to the InfoEx system.

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Functionality tested by

  • Jan. 2, 2014: Pascal Haegeli