Deleting an existing community PWL

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Permission Submission moderator and higher
Connectivity Online only

This document describes how to delete a community PWL.


Since PWLs often exhibit significant spatial variability and might be buried on a range of days, individual operations might create their Operation PWLs differently. Community PWLs provide a mechanism for linking operation controlled Operation PWLs that relate to the same PWL in nature. This grouping of Operation PWLs allows for more meaningful queries in the InfoEx. For example, the community PWL functionality will allow users to more efficiently get a comprehensive picture on the assessments of a PWL that covers a large area and effectively visualize the associated observed avalanche activity.

NOTE Please note that the avalanche problem/PWL filtering functionality for taking full advantage of PWL information in reports has not been implemented yet!

Step-by-step description

Fig. 1: Accessing the Community PWL menu
Click on the PWL menu and select 'Community PWL'(Fig. 1). This will get you to a page that lists of all of the Community PWLs that have been created by the community.
2. Highlight the Community PWL you would like to edit by clicking on it in the list. The row of the selected PWL will be highlighted.
3. Click on the ButtonDelete.png button beneath the 'Community PWL' title to permanently delete the Community PWL.
4. Click on Yes in the confirmation dialog to permanently delete the Community PWL.
NOTE It is only possible to delete a Community PWL if it does not have any linked Operation PWLs. See Modifying the information for an existing community PWL for information on how to unlink Operation PWLs from Community PWLs.
NOTE At this point any user with Submission Moderator permissions can manage Community PWLs. However, once the necessary filtering functionality is available, the idea is that Avalanche Canada would be taking the lead in managing the Community PWLs as they are in the best position to assess large scale patterns. However, operators always have the ability to unlink their Operation PWLs from a specific Community PWLs if they disagree with the grouping.

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  • Jan. 2, 2014: Pascal Haegeli