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This document describes the functionality of the Chart view of the InfoEx report.

The goal of the Chart view is to provide quick access to, and a graphical view of, summarized information. It also allows downloading of the chart and saving the chart view as a report template.


Fig. 1: Chart view of InfoEx report.

The chart view displays a number of system defined charts. Whilst the charts that appear cannot be altered, the information they display can be user configured.


  • Select the date range, locations and data tables you need for the chart you are interested in. Not all charts will display sensible information without appropriate selection parameters.
  • Some click on/off configurability is available for most charts in the bottom centre panel.
  • Chart size can be altered by dragging the bottom corners. Charts can be re-ordered by clicking on their title and dragging and dropping.
  • A zoom function is available by highlighting the section of the chart you want to view in more detail. A reset zoom button then appears to allow the chart zoom to be reset.
  • Charts can be printed and downloaded from the menu in the top right corner of each chart.
  • Chart views can be saved as a report template.

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  • Jan. 2, 2014: Pascal Haegeli