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This page describes how a customized report can be saved as a report template for future use.


InfoEx allows users to fully customized InfoEx reports with respect to content (dates, locations, observation types, observation parameters, and observation characteristics) and layout (order of tables, grouping of observations, sorting of observations, report format).

The style of the resulting report can be saved as a template that can be used for future use. You need to be an Operation Administrator to be able to save Operation report templates.

The resulting templates can be accessed directly via the REPORTS menu or the report workflow module to improve the efficiency of information visualization and interpretation.

Step-by-Step Description

1. To create a new report template, start with one of the standard reports (Standard-Today or Standard-Yesterday) or any other report you have previously saved, and modify the content and layout as you wish.
Fig.1: Saving the InfoEx report as a view
To preserve the content and layout of the customized report for future use, click on the Manage button to the right of the name of the original report (Fig. 1) and select
  • 'Save As New (Personal)' to save a personal report template that only you have access to.
  • 'Save As New (Operation)' to save a report template that is accessible to all users of your operation (option only accessible to Operation Administrators and Super Users).
Fig.2: Naming the new InfoEx report view
Select a descriptive name for the new report template and click on Ok to save the template (Fig. 2).
4. The definition of the new report template has now been saved to the server and is immediately available under the REPORTS menu. You can also use the template through the report workflow module and subscribe to have it emailed to you as a PDF report.

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