Deleting an existing InfoEx report template

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Permission All user levels
Connectivity Online only

This page describes how to delete an existing customized report template.


While all users are able to delete their personal user-defined report templates, only Operation Administrators and Super Users are able to delete operation level report templates.

NOTE Only the CAA can delete the standard reports that are included in the application:
  • CAA and AC Messages
  • Standard - Today
  • Standard - Yesterday

Step-by-Step Description

1. Select the report you would like to delete from the REPORTS menu and wait for the included data to fully load.
Fig.1: Menu for managing report templates
To delete a report, click in the Manage button right of the name label of the report (Fig. 1) and select Delete '[Name of report template]'.
Fig.2: Confirming the deletion of an existing report
Confirm the deletion of the report in the confirmation dialog by clicking on the Yes button (Fig. 2).
NOTE If the template you are about to delete is used in any workflows, the confirmation dialog will inform you about these dependencies. You can still delete the report template, but you will need to modify the settings of the affected workflows.

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