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Avalanche observations are detailed records of avalanche occurrences as described in OGRS (2014) section 3. As in the past, InfoEx supports both the entry of single and multiple events into a single record.

Fig. 1: Default format of avalanche observation entry form

Mandatory fields

Mandatory field are highlighted with a red outline and label. Incorrectly completed mandatory field will result in a validation error on submission.

NOTE If you cannot see the highlighted field in the favourite section of your observation entry form, open all of the sections at the bottom to find the field that is causing the issue.
Name Mandatory Comment
Location Always Location of observation; can be a single or combinations of locations of any type.
ObservationDate Always Date of observation
Character Always Character of avalanche. See Avalanche character definition table for more information on avalanche problems.
Num Always Number of avalanches included in this observation.
Size (typical) Always Typical size of avalanches included this observation.
Trigger Always Trigger type for repored avalanches according to definitions described in OGRS.

All supported fields

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Special functionality

In addition to associating avalanche observations with a predefined location from your location catalog, it is also possible to drop a pin or draw a polygon on a map to indicate exactly where the avalanche occurred. See Providing the exact location of an avalanche or snowpack observation for more information on how to drop a pin.

If you have a photo associated with your selected location a pencil icon will appear next to the pin. This allows you to draw on the photo and submit the photo with the overlay you have drawn with your observation. Overlays can be viewed in the Photo Overlay Viewer.

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