Avalanche summaries

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Permission All users
Connectivity Online and offline

Avalanche summaries are free-from text descriptions of the avalanche activity observed in an area.

NOTE While entering information about avalanche activity in free form text can be very efficient, the value of this format is limited as this information cannot be displayed graphically or included in any analyses. We therefore discourage the use of this observation type.
Fig. 1: Default format of avalanche summaries observation entry form

Mandatory fields

Mandatory field are highlighted with a red outline and label. Incorrectly completed mandatory field will result in a validation error on submission.

NOTE If you cannot see the highlighted field in the favourite section of your observation entry form, open all of the sections at the bottom to find the field that is causing the issue.
Name Mandatory Comment
Locations Always Location(s) of observation; needs to be single or combinations of operation area, forecast areas or operating zones.
Date Always Date of observation

All supported fields

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