Changing the hierarchy among your locations

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Permission Operation Administator and higher
Connectivity Online only

This document describes how you can change the hierarchy structure of your location catalog.


Locations entered into InfoEx are organized in a location hierarchy. The location hierarchy has a tree structure where a location can only have a single parent, but multiple children. Every location needs to be derived from a single parent location, except the operation area, which is the top parent location of a location catalog. To ensure meaningful location catalogs, there are numerous restrictions on what type of locations can be contained by other locations. See Location hierarchy for a detailed description of the supported relations.

There are currently two main uses of the location hierarchy in the InfoEx application:

  • It helps to keep your location catalog tidy
  • It is used in the Observations module to pull previously entered observations into the workflow. Only observations associated with locations that are direct or indirect children of the location associated with the workflow are automatically presented for review and submission to InfoEx.

The hierarchy in the location tree needs to be defined explicitly and is not directly derived from the geospatial information of the locations. This approach allows for a more flexible use of the location hierarchy. For example, a weather site that provides valuable observations for a forecast region can be made a child of this forecast region even if the site is not located within the forecast region.

Step-by-step description

Fig. 1: Administration menu for operation administrator
Select 'Location Catalog' from the administration menu (cog wheel) in the top left corner of the screen (Fig. 1).
Fig. 2: Location catalog screen
This will get you to the location catalog screen of the application (Fig. 2). The location catalog screen shows your location hierarchy tree on the left and a map on the right.
NOTE Please note that depending on your connectivity and the size of your location catalog, it might take a while to load your entire location catalog. A message will indicate the location catalogue is downloading.
3. Expand the location hierarchy tree on the right as required by clicking on the little plus (+) signs left of locations that contain other locations and navigate to the location you would like to edit. The locations are sorted by location type first and location name second.

Alternatively you can search your location catalog by clicking on the ButtonSearch.png button at the top of the location tree.

Fig. 3: Moving a location to a new parent location
- top panel: inappropriate parent location
- bottom panel: appropriate parent location
To change the location hierarchy of a location, simply drag the location to the new parent. As you hover over possible parent locations, a green check mark or red stop sign will indicate whether it is an appropriate parent for the location (Fig. 3).

See Location hierarchy for details on supported hierarchy relationships between locations.

Locations that already contain child locations and are collapsed will automatically expand as you hover over them. If you have a long location tree that goes beyond the end of the screen, you can scroll down or up by hovering with your location over the bottom or top edge of the location tree section of the screen.

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