Searching for a location in the location catalog

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Permission All user levels
Connectivity Online only

This document describes how to search for a location in the location catalog of your operation.


There are currently two ways for searching a location in the location catalog

  • By location exploring the terrain of your operation in the map interface.
  • By name using the find function of the browser

Step-by-step description

Fig. 1: Administration menu for operation administrator
Select 'Location Catalog' from the administration menu (cog wheel) (Fig. 1).
Fig. 2: Location catalog screen
The location catalog screen (Fig. 2) shows your location hierarchy tree on the left and a map on the right.
NOTE Please note that depending on your connectivity and the size of your location catalog, it might take a while to load your entire location catalog. A message will indicate the location catalogue is downloading.

Search for a location spatially

1. Navigate around in the map to the desired location.
Fig. 3: Ski run location with pop-up window
Click on any location to show its name and abbreviation in an pop-up window on the map (Fig. 3).

Search for a location by name

Fig. 4: Pop-up window for searching location by name

Locations are sorted by location type and alphabetic location name to make searching for a location as easy as possible. However, finding a location manually might be too cumbersome in large location trees with detailed hierarchies. For this case, a search function is useful.

1. Click on the ButtonSearch.png button above the location tree in the left panel of the application. This will open up a pop-up window with a search field.
3. Start typing the name of the location you are looking for and the drop down list will automatically show all locations that match your text (Fig. 4).
4. Select the location you are looking for and click on OK. The location tree will automatically expand as needed and the location will be highlighted in blue. The map will automatically zoom to the location.

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