Adding or removing columns of individual tables in an InfoEx report

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Permission All user levels
Connectivity Online only


Users can specify the columns included for each of the tables of the InfoEx report and order them as desired. Each table has different columns available that can be selected and ordered independently. Column preferences can be preserved by saving the report view once you have adjusted columns according to your preference (see Saving a report as an InfoEx report template)

The following information assumes you are logged in to the InfoEx application, you have selected an operation (if you have more than one valid operation) and you have selected 'Reports' on the main application menu.

Step-by-step description

Fig. 1: Arranging columns
Select the table that you want to arrange the columns in. Ensure that the table is fully expanded by looking for the + or - on the right side of the table header. Click on the + to expand the table (fig. 1).
Fig. 2: Column popup menu
Left click anywhere on the top row of the table to activate a popup menu. Select 'Columns' from the menu (fig. 2). For an explanation of sorting options see: Applying filters to individual tables in an InfoEx report
3. By checking (or unchecking) the desired columns you can add or subtract columns from the table you are in.
NOTE Each table in the report has different columns that can be selected according to user preference
4. The table will immediately be updated with new column selection without downloading the data from the server again.

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