Applying filters to individual tables in an InfoEx report

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This page shows you how to exclude specific observations from your InfoEx reports.


Each table of observations in an InfoEx report can be individually customized to exclude information that you do not require.

NOTE It is recommended that you only use the filtering functionality described in this document on table-specific parameters. To filter the entire report by date and/or locations, please use the following approaches:

Step-by-step description

Fig. 1: Filter popup
Left-click on any column of the table's top line (except the date and locations column). From the popup menu select 'Filter' (Fig. 1).
2. Each column has different options for filtering. Filter options depend on the character of the parameter shown in the table column:
Fig. 3: Filter by selection
  • Categorical observation parameters
    These types of parameters can be filtered by selecting the values to be included in the table from a list. Only entries matching selected values will be retained for your report (Fig. 3).
Fig. 4: Filter by value
  • Numerical observation parameters
    These types of parameters can be filtered with a range of numerical conditions (Fig. 4). You may select a threshold value, filter values that are equal to your selected value, or filter for non-empty values (non-null).
  • Free-form text fields
    It is not possible to filter general comment fields.
3. The table will immediately be updated with new filter condition without downloading the data from the server again.
4. Concatenated columns (e.g. Size in Avalanche Obs) cannot be filtered. However you can filter on the raw data columns that are used for the concatenation (e.g. Size Typ and Size Max)

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