Webinar - Nov 28, 2013

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This document provides an outline for the webinar training session on November 28. In comparison to the in person training sessions, the webinar will only offer a general overview of the InfoEx application without any hands on exercises.

  • Time: 10:00AM - 11:00AM (PST)
  • Location: GoToMeeting

Participants are encouraged to follow the training script after the webinar on their own computer, but there will likely not be enough time to do this during the webinar.


You need to have GoToMeeting installed on your computer to connect to the live webinar. See Getting your computer ready for detailed instructions.

Getting your computer ready

Please watch this 5 minute “Quick Start Guide” for new attendees http://support.citrixonline.com/en_US/gotomeeting/video/GTMV00012

Connecting to the webinar

Make sure to give yourself enough time to get set up with GoToMeeting before the webinar starts. We will start right at 10 am.

  1. Join the Webinar by clicking on https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/451260549 (Meeting ID: 451-260-549).
    If you have not done so before the link will prompt you to download the GoToMeeting software to allow you to attend the meeting. Look for the “download gotomeeting” link in the centre of the screen.
  2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.
    If the audio quality on your computer is poor, you can also call into the webinar with your telephone while still following the presentation on your screen. Use the following steps when calling in with your phone:
    • Dial +1 (647) 497-9351 (note that this is a long distance call!)
    • Access Code: 451-260-549
    • Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Outline of training session

A video recording of this webinar can by found on YouTube at http://youtu.be/y7auB8hHIwA.
  • Project background
Download and installation
User administration
Location catalog
Direct observation entry
Single versus multiple computer support
Persistent Weak Layers
Tabular InfoEx report
Map view of InfoEx report